Several houses received handwritten letters containing an unknown white substance in Brinkum on Friday, which triggered an emergency police operation.

SOT, Thomas Gissing, Police Spokesman (German): “Today in the afternoon in this area, in Brinkum, many households found letters in their mailboxes or near their doors and an unknown substance was found in these letters. Initial investigations could not determine what it was so further tests are being done to verify what the substance is, which will take some time.”

SOT, Markus Kuske, local resident (German): “My partner picked up the mail from the mailbox, and opened the letter on the way, and saw that there was a small bag with powder inside of it and only took out the note from the envelope, read what was written on it, packed it back in, and brought the letter here.”

Journalist (German): “And what was there?”

Markus Kuske, local resident (German): “That the powder is made of something that’s sold here in Brinkum, and that it’s been sent to our neighbours, but not what the substance actually is.”

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