France’s ex-president Nicolas Sarkozy is accused of bribery and illegal funding of his presidential campaign in 2007 stemming from former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi. Sarkozy denies all the accusations being leveled against him.

Le Monde newspaper reported that Sarkozy is due to stand trial for corruption and misuse of influence to secure leaked details of a probe into alleged violations in his campaign in 2007 presidential elections.

Sarkozy was indicted on charges of “passive bribery, illegal financing of election campaign and concealment of Libyan public funds” during the course of an investigation regarding Libyan financing of Sarkozy’s presidential campaign.

The judges are interested in aides to former Libyan head Muammar Gaddafi who allegedly worked as intermediaries to funnel funds from Libya to Sarkozy. Sarkozy is said to have received upwards of 50 million euros.

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