The British ambassador in Austria repeatedly tried to press on Vienna officials to force the expultion of the Russian diplomats from the country. The corresponding statement was made by the head of the Austrian Foreign Ministry Karin Kneissl.

“On Monday, when I was in Kosovo, I coordinated my actions with the Federal Chancellor on our position, which is known,” Kneissl said, explaining this “clear and categorical” statement by the official Vienna on the refusal to expel Russian diplomats.

According to the Austrian Foreign Minister, this is the principled position of Austria, since the state rarely uses the expulsion of diplomats.

“It is at critical moments that channels should be left open,” she said.

Karin Kneissl also said that Austria is ready to act as a mediator in the settlement of relations between Britain and Russia, which have become more acute in connection with the so-called “Skripal case”.

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