I’m very upset about journalists in the story with Skripal, you know. And not only with the British. The loudest case of the year is gaining momentum, but not a single paparazzi in three weeks ever showed a desire to tap into the hospital and film at least from afar something that confirms the presence of poisoned Skripals there, or at least to make an unreadable picture of the patient’s medical card. Moreover, there are no interviews with eyewitnesses or at least seeking for medical help residents of a British town. The day before yesterday, policeman Nick Bailey, who found victims and was allegedly poisoned himself, was discharged from the hospital. But! No one for some reason even tried to take at least a brief comment from him.

It seems that the journalistic brotherhood, often ready for the most risky and desperate actions for the sake of even the most blurred picture or a few words from world celebrities, has announced a boycott of this matter. Why? What or who stops them? The ubiquitous and annoying paparazzi, ready as an experienced sniper to sit in ambush for days, did not fall to the main international scandal, which threatens with the most negative consequences for Russia. Ok, let’s say local people are just afraid to get involved in this case. But is there really not a single greedy journalist in the whole world who could at least try to talk to the witnesses of the incident and photograph at least the facade of the clinic where Skripal and his daughter are located?

You must admit that this is more than strange. And strangely enough that involuntarily recalled the famous session of black magic in the Moscow variety show, described by the brilliant Bulgakov in a brilliant novel.

To be honest, I have long been tormented by vague doubts – is not this “poisoning” a grandiose hoax? If only because the key figures at the moment are more reminiscent of the notorious aliens that everyone has heard of, but whom no one has seen so far. Moreover Britain itself does everything to make this version look very believable. The denial of access of Russian diplomats to the victims and experts to the investigation gives reason to believe that Scotland Yard and the official London want to hide something important. For example, the facts that can expose the dramatization of this whole grandiose scandal.

I will list just a few oddities:

  1. 1. The English Chief Physician advised everyone who have visited the same places as Skripals on the day of poisoning, to disinfect personal belongings and dry clean clothes. Simply put, she had given a recommendation to destroy the evidence. Although, in theory, all those who’ve just passed by (taking into account the description of “Novichok” and the consequences it bears) should have been obliged to pass medical examination and take clothes for analysis.
  2. 2. Not a single patient in Salisbury had symptoms of nerve gas poisoning, says the doctor-consultant of the ambulance, Stephen Davis.
  3. 3. Statements about the sharp deterioration in the health of Skripal and his daughter against the backdrop of news about a policeman discharged from the hospital.

“The policeman, who have been poisoned with Skripals and fallen into a coma, recovered senses. “This is not Novichok,” says a number of specialists. “There is no chance of getting out of bed after being affected by it,” Israeli analyst Solomon Mann commented on this case.

Thus, a number of specialists have already expressed the theory that poisoning in London is not relevant to the toxin synthesized by the original laboratory that produced this agent. Either this is a completely different toxin, or a substance “welded” in another laboratory with deviations from the technology used in the original,” Mann concluded.

Let me remind you that in the case of the banker Ivan Kivelidi’s poisoning, where “Novichok” also appeared, everyone died: he himself, his secretary and even a pathologist, who conducted the autopsy.

4. The British court announced a possible weakening of Skripal’s mental abilities:

“The precise effect of their exposure on their long term health remains unclear, albeit medical tests indicate that their mental capacity might be compromised to an unknown and so far unascertained degree,” Judge David Williams said in his ruling.

5. The bench.

The one on which the victims were found, and which was cut down for analysis only recently, three weeks later. Moreover, the fact that the dismantling of the bench was conducted by policemen in chemical protection suits also raises questions. The same fact that the “poisoned” bench stayed 20 days in a public, albeit cordoned off place.

It’s amazing how easy Europe has taken the bait. However, when it comes to Russia, the Western mind, even the most inquisitive and adequate, plunges into sleep. Lethargic. And this fact can be safely recorded as one of the side effects of Russophobia and the desire to speak on the side of the majority. Even if it is a thousand times behaving despicably and dropping to the methods of an amateur illusionist from a mobile chapiteau.

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