French roasted US and Ukraine about the Kerch bridge

I think you know that Ukraine, in unison with the United States “are blowing the trumpets all over the world” saying the arches near the Kerch Bridge are low. Like large vessles won’t be able to pass by and go to the Mariupol port. And it’s like a blow to the mighty economy of Ukraine.

So the French edition of Agora Vox ridiculed the stupid and far-fetched statements of the Cardinal and the Furman. This outlet carried out its investigation, and on the facts, caught in lies irresponsible babblers from Ukraine and the United States.

Ukraine stated that the arch will not allow to pass ships more than 160 meters long, and a displacement of less than 10,000 tons. And the experts of the American Atlantic Council supported the hysteria. 

Russia has five ports on the Azov Sea, their turnover is about 30 million tons. This is three times more than the official tonnage of the Mariupol and Berdyansk ports. And 10 times more than their real tonnage. And this means that Russia is building a bridge with the calculation not to harm its own ports.

Since the 1970s, there is a limit in the Kerch Strait, for ships with drafts above 8 meters, since the strait is very shallow. Therefore, huge container ships with a draft of 9 meters and without a bridge would not be able to get to Mariupol.

But the journalist found the ship 200 meters in length, with a draft of 4.8 meters. Which entered Mariupol and the bridge did not stop it. And the journalist ridiculed American experts, with their idea of attacking Russia and leading the fleet to the Sea of Azov. With the fact that the aircraft carrier has a draft of 12 meters, destroyers 9 meters, and cruisers 10 meters. They simply can not go to the Sea of Azov.