American bacteriological laboratory discovered in Georgia

The United States conducts prohibited biological weapons development. The account of victims as a result of American experiments already goes on thousands. Only according to the most conservative estimates, there are 25 secret laboratories around the world in which experiments are conducted on people. And at least two objects are located on the border with Russia – in Ukraine and Georgia.

Bacteriological laboratory, opened in 2011 with US money, has long been accused of secret experiments on local residents. But until now, everything was limited to rumors. Journalists managed to find a former employee – he was in charge of security during the construction of the center. He says that the secrecy regime was strict and that all the Americans were in charge.

Rumors turned out to be truth and experiments were really conducted in the health center. In 2014, they installed equipment for working with insects. And very soon unprecedented until then tropical mosquitoes – carriers of yellow fever and viruses Chikungunya and Zika appeared in Georgia. Then – bats that can spread ebolavirus. Anthrax. Officially – to fight these dangerous diseases. On American money.

Jeffrey Silverman is a US citizen, a retired military man, and now a journalist. He has been studying the laboratory for a long time and complains: the Georgian special services do not allow to publish anything. He is sure, they are engaged in experiments on people. And not only on the locals.

Pentagon or its contractors have already opened such laboratories in 25 countries of the world – in the States themselves the development of biological weapons is prohibited. Two of them are in Ukraine and Georgia – on border with Russia. And when swine flu was raging in Russia, many virologists called its source a center near Tbilisi. Even before its opening, the US and Georgia signed an agreement under which all employees of the laboratory received diplomatic immunity. So uncomfortable questions – what exactly is being researched and who is being tested – nobody can ask them now.