The Federal Prosecutor’s Office has arrested a suspected Islamist terrorist supporter in Baden-Württemberg. As the highest German prosecution announced in Karlsruhe on Thursday, she accuses the 32-year-old German-Algerian Samir K. for support of the foreign terrorist organization Islamic State (IS).

The man is said to have created from 2015 to 2017 under alias names Telegram and Twitter accounts, WhatsApp and Facebook profiles and e-mail addresses. Thus, he has made possible for four ISIS members from Syria and Iraq from Germany a conspiratorial communication with other IS members and the spreading of messages over the InterNet.

The man was arrested by special forces of the Federal Police on Wednesday on the basis of an arrest warrant issued by the investigating judge at the Federal Court of Justice. Where exactly that happened the Federal Prosecutor’s Office doesn’t inform. In addition, the accused’s home and seven other premises in Baden-Württemberg, Brandenburg, Hamburg and Lower Saxony were searched. The investigating judge ordered the execution of pre-trial detention.

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