Skripal case: Britain might have an antidote

The statement of the British doctors that the lives of Sergei Skripal his daughter are not in danger, indicate that the Britons had an antidote, and therefore they knew the composition of the substance with the help of which they were trying to poison in Salisbury, said the head of the Duma’s committee on defense and security Vladimir Shamanov.

“Speaking about preventing poisoning, you must have at least an analysis of this substance, which was used to apply the antidote.” Today, as the British doctors say, the lives of Skripal and his daughter are not threatened, that is, people who used (poisonous substances), knew that somewhere there should be a drug nearby that would not allow the death of these people,” Shamanov told journalists on Wednesday.

According to him, such assessments of this situation are done by professionals.


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