Former Vice President Joe Biden headlined a Tuesday fundraiser for a Latino “resistance” group that ran an infamous ad in last year’s Virginia gubernatorial contest that smeared Republicans as racists who want to run over children of color with pickup trucks.

The Latino Victory Fund said the group “discussed the Latino resistance to Trump going into 2018… and 2020” at the Miami fundraiser in which reportedly “roughly two dozen Latino power brokers who would be key to a possible presidential bid” were scheduled to attend.

The Latino Victory Fund infamously aired a commercial during the 2017 Virginia gubernatorial contest—which aired after a terrorist ran over several people with a truck in New York while reportedly shouting “Allahu Akbar”—that featured a supporter of Republican Ed Gillespie in a pickup truck with a confederate flag bumper sticker trying to run down minority children.

The group, after much backlash, pulled the ad. But Cristobal Alex, the group’s president, continued to defend the incendiary commercial.

“When facing vicious, racist attacks, we usually turn the other cheek or point our finger at the bully. This time we threw a jab to the throat. And we will continue to stand up to these attacks in the future,” Alex wrote after the election.

Biden’s advisers are reportedly laying the groundwork for a 2020 presidential run and gaming out various scenarios that will give him the best chance to defeat Trump. One scenario reportedly has Biden promising just to serve one term in office in order for the country to have a “reset.”

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