Hungary rallies to Transcarpathia defense

As reported, the government of Ukraine in the near future intends to deploy a battalion of the armed forces of Ukraine (AFU) numbering more than 800 people in Transcarpathia.

It’s about a large-scale redeployment of the security forces of the armed forces of Ukraine from the east to the Transcarpathian town of Berehove, where more Hungarians live.

Hungarian Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó expressed concern, based on the fact that “the decision of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine to transfer troops to Berehove does not calm, but rather disturbs.”

The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense characterized this decision in connection with the “imminent threat to the territorial integrity of Ukraine.”

“Proceeding from the official statement of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, the government in Kiev considers Hungarian representatives as a threat to the integrity of Ukraine. This is an outrageous fact, therefore Hungary opposes such measures and stands up for the defense of Transcarpathia,” the Hungarian foreign minister said.

The head of the foreign ministry reminded that Hungary, along with Poland and Slovakia, ensures the supply of gas to Ukraine, while the country is resolving issues with the Russian “Gazprom”.

“Kiev does not have solidarity,” Szijjártó notes.