The Security Service of Ukraine conducted more than 25 searches from individuals who allegedly “contribute to the aggressor country in conducting anti-Ukrainian actions.” This was stated by the press-secretary of the department Elena Gitlyanskaya. The names of “accomplices” were not disclosed. Experts believe that the SBU raid is another round of struggle against dissent in Ukraine.

On March 12, the SBU representatives conducted over 25 searches in different regions of the country of individuals who “contribute to the aggressor country in conducting anti-Ukrainian actions.” This was reported on Facebook page by press secretary of the agency Elena Gitlianskaya. She also clarified that all searches were authorized.

To whom the investigators came directly, representatives of the Security Service do not speak even with the voice recorders turned off. However, as it became known, one of the suspects was a Kiev journalist Yuri Lukashin. 

Law enforcement agencies began to demonstrate an increased attention to Lukashin after the end of last year’s shooting of the film “Oles Buzina: life is beyond time.”

Law enforcers also came to the apartment of Inna Ivanochko. She heads the humanitarian group “Ukrainian Choice” and did not allow to demolish the Monument of Glory in Lviv – a monument to the winners in the Great Patriotic War. In late February, representatives of the nationalist organizations “Right Sector”, C14, “Sokol” repulsed plates on the monument and wrote that he glorifies the “occupiers”. Ivanochko is accused of conducting “subversive activities in Ukraine.”

It is obvious that all these searches are connected with a new wave of intimidation of people who have an alternative point of view on what is happening in the country, said Denis Denisov, director of the Institute of Peacekeeping Initiatives and Conflictology.

“This concerns such topics as the civil war in the east, the glorification of Stepan Bandera and his henchmen. The Ukrainian government is not ready to offer anything new, except to continue pressurizing journalists and public figures through the power structures. They should stop even simply saying that the current government is criminal, working in their own interests, and not in the interests of the people, and leads Ukraine to the fact that it will soon cease to exist,” Denisov said.

The next round of struggle against dissent, according to experts, was the draft law “On Forgiveness” prepared by the former deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Andrey Senchenko, who calls on the population of Crimea and Donbass to apologize to Kiev. As a punishment for the inhabitants of the peninsula, which became part of Russia four years ago, and the citizens of LPR and DPR, the author of the bill provided for a ban on participation in elections and work in government.

Denisov believes that in fact, there was no evidence from law enforcement agencies. Otherwise, arrests would follow. People are simply punished for an independent position, which differs from the opinion of the top officials of the state, the expert asserts.

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