Former Italian Prime Minister and Forza Italia leader Silvio Berlusconi spoke for the first time about the outcome of the recent Italian elections, with a video sent from his mansion in Arcore outside Milan on Tuesday.

Berlusconi praised the result of his centre-right coalition, blaming the mediocre result of his party to his ban for holding office until 2019. He also underlined his future role: “I’ll remain the leader of Forza Italia, I’ll be the playmaker of the centre-right, I’ll be the guarantor of the solidity of the coalition.”

Berlusconi also called out the Five Stars Movement, saying that voters were tricked by their promise of the so-called universal ‘citizenship income’, which should give a regular income to any Italian citizen.

Finally, he is sure that since his coalition received more votes than anyone else, Italian President Sergio Mattarella will talk with them first. However, the centre-right coalition as it is now does not have enough MPs to form a government.

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