The growth of fascist sentiments in the Baltic states has long alarmed Europe. There they know what horrible consequences this can lead to, and what terrible calamities threaten to turn out. European politicians repeatedly tried to reason with the Baltic, but the result was zero. The tiny countries after the entry into the EU suddenly believed in themselves, so they did not consider it is necessary to hide their Nazi moods. The micro-states were sure that the EU would not leave them in case of political problems.

As it turned out, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia in vain thought so. The European Parliament realized that if it is tough not to stop the practically open propaganda of fascism in these countries, this may end badly. MPs of the “European United Left / Left-Green North” faction initiated a move to impose sanctions against the Baltic states for propaganda of Hitler’s ideology.

If the resolution is approved by the European Parliament, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia will be sanctioned. It is planned to re-educate the impudent micro-states by the deprivation of money from European funds. This will be a real catastrophe for the poor Baltic countries, because their economy is at least somewhat afloat thanks to the solid injections of EU funds.

Apparently, the Baltic states should prepare for the worst. Sanctions are only the first step of the EU to get rid of ballast in the form of useless states. Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia can easily be excluded from the European Union. The reasons are sufficient: it is propaganda of fascism and blatant poverty, which is a burden for the EU.

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