Proceeding from the fact that the story of how on the night of 7 to 8 February, the United States “defeated” in Syria “the Russian military column PMC “Wagner”, whose fighters, together with the forces of Bashar Assad’s regime tried to repel oil deposits held by the US allies – the Syrian democratic forces (SDF), led by the Kurds “- grows all the new incredible facts and “truthful” details, I will add one more interesting touch. Worse still will not happen.

So, 2 days ago the Turkish edition of Daily Sabah published an article entitled “The United States mistakenly struck a blow at the Kurds from the Syrian Democratic coalition in the south-eastern region of the province of Deir ez Zor.” It says that according to the Syrian pro-government media, the US air forces raided Deir ez Zor and unintentionally struck the SDF, allegedly because of incorrect coordinates. It was reported that 300 Kurds were killed by American air strikes.

At the moment the article has already been deleted. But there is a screen for its title and the first paragraphs. Moreover, its reprint with a link has been preserved on one of the Pakistani sites.

I do not presume to judge if it’s true. Especially, proceeding from more than complicated relations of Turkey with the USA and Kurds. However, given what kind of hysteria is fueled around the topic of “Russian losses” in the same region and under the same circumstances, I dare to assume that anything can happen. And incredible information noise about “Russian mercenaries” can only be a smokescreen designed to hide something else. For example, an American joint.

Of course, this is only a version. Which, taking into account all the issues, disputes, omissions, stuffing and “news”, too, has the right to exist.

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