On February 10, the Syrian Air Defense Forces shot down an Israeli F-16 warplane after it had carried out airstrikes on what the Israeli side described as Iranian facilities from which a UAV was allegedly launched to the Israeli-held area.

According to the Syrian state-run media, the Israeli airstrikes hit “one of the military bases in the central area [of Syria], and the army air defense confronted the aggression and hit more than one aircraft.” [Local sources say that the Israeli strikes allegedly targeted the T4 Airbase, but this still has to be confirmed.]

The Israeli military confirmed that one F-16 was shot down, but said that the pilots survived the incident.

Following the F-16 shotdown, the Israeli Air Force carried out a new series of airstrikes against Syria reportedly targeting the Al-Kiswah area in the countryside of the Syrian capital Damascus. The Syrian state-run media added that the country’s air defense forces responded to this “agression” also.

The situation is developing.

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