Russia and the West restart the Helsinki Process, says UK Lord

Russia and the West restart the Helsinki Process, says UK Lord

Richard Balfe, member of the UK House of Lords, believes that in a situation when Russia is intentionally portrayed in the West as an enemy, an attempt should be made to break the deadlock in relations and restart the Helsinki Process.

Focusing on relations between Russia and the UK in an interview with TASS, he said “We seem to be in a general downwards spiral, which is not good for either side”.

As for relations of Russia and the West, he said “One the difficulties is that people we seem to need an enemy. We are rather short with the enemies at this moment, so the defence establishment, in particular, always want to have someone around who they can put to frighten rest of us”.

“We need what I call a new Helsinki,” Lord Richard Balfe said referring to the Helsinki Process. “We need to sit down and look at all the problems on both sides and what we can do to resolve them or at least to lessen them,” the Lord said.

“The Russian government has to be prepared to move, the EU and the United States, three players, main players,” he stressed.

“The problems are not between UK and Russia. They are between Russia and the West. They are quite wide problems. It is not Britain that has imposed sanctions on Russia, the EU and the United States Congress has. We have joined them,” he added.


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