Three people were arrested today in this capital for alleged participation in a plot of migrant trafficking on trucks across Europe, as confirmed by the Federal Police.
An official statement stated that the authorities searched several floors and offices in Berlin and three other German states in an operation against a human trafficking network.

The document stated that the alleged criminals operated on the so-called Balkan route, considered one of the main routes to try to reach the richest countries in Western Europe.

A police spokesman said that two of the suspects were arrested here and the third in Bad Muskau, a town in the east of the country, on the border with Poland.

More than 200 agents participated in the investigation, which is part of a series of raids organized today across the country.

Although he says he defends an open door policy and supports plans for the redistribution of refugees among members of the European Union, the German government implements measures to increase border security and increase the number of deportees.

In this scenario, the Government also seeks, since last year, to extend the controls to newcomers and, among other actions, includes the monitoring of their cell phones and computers, in order to confirm their identity.

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