Participants in the Syrian National Dialogue Congress of Sochi called on the UN, the international humanitarian organizations and the international community to contribute to the reconstruction of Syria, overcome the repercussions of the terrorist war on the Syrian people and lift the unilateral sanctions imposed on them.

“We are confident that the war on Syria is approaching its end, this war which destroyed thousands of houses, schools, hospitals, factories, railways, power plants, irrigation system and the historical and religious heritage,” the participants said in their appeal.

They urged the UN and international community to take further measures to help the Syrians pass the negative consequences of the war via providing medicines, food and construction materials, medical equipment and industrial machinery, in addition to expanding landmine clearance operations.

The appeal also called for preparing appropriate conditions to restore normal life in Syria, end the suffering of the Syrian people and facilitate the return of displaced families which in turn will positively reflect on the situation in the Middle East, adding that this can be achieved through the independent intra-Syrian dialogue and in accordance with the UN Security Council Resolution No.2254.

The participants noted that the lifting of unilateral sanctions imposed on the Syrian people will help resolve economic and humanitarian issues and contribute to the process of rebuilding the country.

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