‘Moron’: Russia’s Putin about Grigory Rodchenkov

Russian president Vladimir Putin called Grigory Rodchenkov a ‘moron, who was dragged abroad’. The Russian leader also pointed out that the WADA informant clearly has problems with the law.

The Russian leader recalled that Rodchenkov had suicide attempts, which the former director of the Anti-Doping Center himself had repeatedly told about.

Putin also questioned the fact that a person with proven psychological problems can be trusted. At the same time, all accusations against Russian athletes are based on Rodchenkov’s testimony, the Russian president noted.

According to Putin, it is also surprising that Rodchenkov’s cooperation with the US special services is presented as something good.

Recall, the end of the past and the beginning of this year were marked by unprecedented attacks on Russian sports. The IOC first disqualified the Russian Olympic Committee, and then began to systematically close the road to the Olympic Games in South Korea even to those athletes from the Russian Federation who had never been involved in doping scandals.


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