Today, on January 25, another round of negotiations on an inter-Syrian settlement in the “Geneva format” started in Vienna. The transfer of the Geneva talks to Vienna, according to information from informed sources from the organizing committee, occurred in order to ensure security.

“The transfer of negotiations to Vienna is connected with logistical reasons, nothing more. In Switzerland in late January will be held a forum in Davos, too much effort is needed to ensure the safety of just two major events,” the source said.

The delegations of the Syrian government and the opposition confirmed their participation in the new round of talks on Syria in Vienna. Earlier, the head of the opposition delegation visited the United States, a number of Middle Eastern countries, Europe, and Moscow as well. According to him, the united delegation of the Syrian opposition is ready for direct talks with the delegation of Damascus at the meeting in Vienna.

Moscow, welcoming the talks in Vienna, all counts on the most fruitful meeting of all parties in Sochi, where the Congress of the National Dialogue on the settlement of the Syrian problem will be held on January 30.

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