US develops & tests bioweapons in Georgia and Ukraine

The US opens medical centers in various countries and reports that they want to improve healthcare there, but in fact they are working there on new types of biological weapons. Of the 25 named countries, two – Georgia and Ukraine, border on Russia and, accordingly, what is happening there may pose a potential threat to our country.

The client of creating such distinctive medical centers in all countries is the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA), the Threat Reduction Agency, which is one of the structures of the US Department of Defense.

Such a nice name it received in 1998, and before that it was called more truly Defense Special Weapons Agency – Agency for Special Weapons. Officially proclaimed on its site the purpose of the work is to reduce the consequences of the use of weapons of mass destruction (WMD) and to develop appropriate methods and equipment for this. The agency, for example, operated in Russia, where in the town of Shchuch’ye controlled the construction in 2001-2009 of an object for the destruction of chemical weapons. It financed the liquidation of WMD in the CIS countries, and at the same time it received access to classified information. In 2012, Russia refused to extend the cooperation agreement with DTRA, and legal intelligence activities against our country ceased.

The fact that Americans conduct experiments to build a bioweapon abroad is due to the fact that unlike other types of WMD, it has the property of self-reproduction, and even a small leak can lead to mass epidemics. Moreover, in countries where the leadership is committed to the US, it can be unofficially tested on the local population without his consent. In addition, this makes it possible to hide the fact that the United States violates the same signed Geneva Declaration of 1972, which prohibits the development and production of biological weapons.

The US Medical Center in Georgia was founded after the signing of an agreement on cooperation in defense between countries, this happened in 2002. According to article 6 of this treaty, all American employees of the center have received diplomatic immunity, and this confirms that in reality they are engaged in the creation of biological weapons. After all, if a person is engaged in developing methods of combating the use of bioweapons, then why should he be inviolable? But the conduct of biological experiments for the creation of WMD is, in accordance with Chapter 8 of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court, a war crime and, although the United States has not ratified the treaty on the establishment of this court, it is theoretically possible to extradite American citizens at the request of this court, especially if the country will be replaced by a pro-American policy.

The center in Georgia is soundly called National Center for Disease Control & Public Health (NCDC), the National Center for Disease Control and Public Health. It was opened on March 18, 2011. The Georgian media presented this as a vivid example of disinterested US assistance to the healthcare system of their country. The future Ukrainian oppositionist, and then the president of Georgia, Mikhail Saakashvili, said that the opening of the center is of strategic importance for Georgian medicine and that “Russia did not invest such a level of investment in the Soviet era”. At the same time, no one noticed that Andrew Weber, the deputy US minister of defense, rather than public health, was present at the opening, Anna Zhvania was appointed the head of the center, who until February 2008 was in charge of the Georgian intelligence service, and he was not subordinated to the Ministry of Health, but to the Ministry of Defense Georgia.

The contractors were private companies CH2M Hill, Battelle and Metabiota Inc., and the customer remained the same – DTRA. Private firms, unlike army structures, are not required to report to the US Congress about their activities. In addition to the Ministry of Defense, they produce biological research for the CIA and other US government agencies. CH2M Hill received $ 161.1 million from DTRA for its activities in Georgia.

The firm Battelle has a contract for 59 million dollars. According to declassified information, this company from 1952 to 1965 performed for the US Army 11 contracts on the biological weapons program: Metabiota Inc. received from DTRA $ 18.4 million and became famous for the fact that during her work in Sierra Leone, doctors from the Consortium for hemorrhagic fever accused the company of cultivating blood cells in the laboratory and making incorrect diagnoses to healthy people.

Recently, more and more often write about the possibility of a secret entomological war – the spread of epidemics with the help of insects. And now the NCDC establishes in 2014 equipment for working with insects, conducts experiments with sand flies of the species Phlebotomine and even makes official reports about this, indicating the infection of volunteers.

All this is explained by the need to combat Lishmaniasis, but these diseases are common in tropical and subtropical countries and are not typical for Georgia. But, starting from 2015, the residents of Tbilisi began to complain that before the flies were only in the summer, and now there are those who live all year round in the bathrooms and sanitation and bite people during bathing. Also, to the surprise of entomologists in Georgia in 2014, tropical mosquitoes appeared Aedes Aegypti, which are the distributors of yellow fever, acute tropical fever, Chikungunya virus and Zik. Later they appeared in the Krasnodar Territory and in the northeastern Turkey. This is reported by the Center for Disease Prevention and Control of the European Union.

There is work in NCDC and with mites. According to their reports for 2013-15, 6148 mites were collected from the ground and 5,871 mites from cattle, and in 2016 another 21590 mites were sent to the center for research.

However, with such a huge scope of work and multimillion investments, the death rate in Georgia from tick bites is for some reason not decreasing.

At the conference, under the interesting title “Today’s innovations – tomorrow’s combat capabilities,” NCDC presented a report “New approaches to the treatment of bats during the study of emerging zoonotic pathogens in Georgia,” in which 221 bat were revealed.

It is already known that bats are the spreaders of such dangerous diseases as Ebola and Middle Eastern respiratory syndrome MERS, but the way of their transfer to a person is unknown until now and it is assumed that it is artificial. The death of 221 bat for some reason did not interest Western ecologists.

NCDC are not forgetting about a disease like anthrax. A multi-purpose study of the human immune response to it was carried out within the framework of the NATO program “Science for Peace and Security”.