UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson called on the international community to unite against North Korea’s nuclear program, and to maintain diplomatic pressure on the country.

“North Korea’s illegal nuclear weapons programme is a threat to regional and global stability. The international community must be united in its approach. Sanctions are biting but we need to maintain diplomatic pressure on Kim Jong Un’s regime,” Johnson said Sunday ahead of the summit in Canada where the situation around North Korea was set to be discussed, as quoted by Evening Standard newspaper.

Pyongyang has been conducting nuclear and ballistic missile tests in violation of the UN Security Council resolutions, which fuels the tensions on the Korean Peninsula. North Korean leadership explains the reluctance to cease the tests by an alleged nuclear threat from the United States.  In response to these North Korean activities, the UNSC has imposed the toughest sanctions Pyongyang has ever faced, targeting the country’s various areas of economy.

North Korean supreme leader Kim Jong-un recently said however, that DPRK will not face any difficulties even in face of century-long sanctions, claiming that Pyongyang’s capabilities to resist foreign pressure stemmed from its self-sufficient national economy and the country’s specialists working in the research and technological spheres.

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