France: Le Pen claims ‘insecurity’ increasing in France


President of the French right-wing populist party ‘Front National’ (National Front) Marine Le Pen said that the current government doesn’t provide security to its people and it’s law enforcement during a press conference at the National Assembly in Paris on Wednesday.

SOT, Marine Le Pen, President of the National Front (French): “Over the past two terms, the feeling of insecurity has grown to reach 66 percent of the French people, the highest level since the creation of the fiducial barometre.”

SOT, Marine Le Pen, President of the National Front (French): “I picked up some news articles from the past few weeks: in the city of Pau, a vehicle escaped from the police after a failed robbery; in Essone, a policeman and his wife were shot in front of their children; in Toulouse, a police officer was targeted on the night of Halloween; in Seine-et-Marne, a burglar escaped the police with their car. We should [also] remember the terrible aggression against a police officer of Viry-Chatillon where his CRS was turned into a live torch after casting a molotov cocktail, or even more recently in Argenteuil, where police were assaulted and accused by their attackers.”

SOT, Marine Le Pen, President of the National Front (French): “And the police officers are not the only victims. In 2016, assaults against firefighters increased by 17.6 percent and those against driving license inspectors tripled. In terms of insecurity, the government does nothing. He [Macron] dispatches current affairs. He continues down the line of Taubira (former Justice Minister) in terms of excuses, with, for example, the principle of non-incarceration for sentences under two years. Justice is not taken into serious account and does not show enough severity, particularly in cases involving attacks on our police forces.”

SOT, Marine Le Pen, President of the National Front (French): “The legal fracture reflects a fracture of identity. We see the non-law areas become non-France areas. Areas where everything that represents France is considered intolerable. “In the city, we were taught the hatred of France.” These are the words of Patrice Carteron, our boxing champion whose love of France must be built as a model. The sight of the police or the civil servants is perceived as an innateptable intrusion on territories controlled by Mafia authorities and sometimes religious other than that of the Republic.”

SOT, Marine Le Pen, President of the National Front (French): “No wonder 70 percent of French people do not trust the current government to provide security. It is time to implement a policy of zero tolerance. To initiate a programme of opening prison places, to establish a minimum sentence, to systematically expel foreign offenders. We must give back to our security forces the moral and material support but also the consideration they need for the exercise of their missions.”


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