To seize the LRPR: AFU’s plan of action – US Heritage Foundation report

To seize the LRPR: AFU's plan of action - US Heritage Foundation report

The American think tank Heritage Foundation, which is called by observers and media the think tank of the Trump’s administration, unveiled a report urging the arming of Ukraine.

It states that “the provision of weapons and advanced defensive capabilities will raise the cost of further aggression from Moscow.”

These US promises are attempts to exert US pressure on Russia in order to achieve concessions to the Russian Federation.

Real and large-scale arms shipments to Ukraine and tightening of sanctions against the Russian Federation can begin only under one condition – the beginning of full-scale hostilities and open intervention by the Russian Federation.

Proceeding from this, Ukraine faces the following tasks:

1. Activate the fighting in the Donbass, to achieve intervention of the Russian Federation.

2. Create a favorable information background, when all responsibility lies with the Russian Federation.

3. Do not allow boilers and heavy losses of AFU, and inflict unacceptable damage during the fighting.

For Ukraine, it is most profitable to abandon the idea of ​​reaching the border with the Russian Federation, since it threatens heavy losses for the Armed Forces and creates a threat from the Russian Armed Forces to strike the rear of the Armed Forces from the Millerovo and Valuiki districts.

It is necessary to conduct a full-fledged offensive operation (with the use of artillery, assault and bomber aviation) over the siege of Donetsk by way to the Debaltsevo-Enakievo area, as well as to the AFU’s exit to Starobeshevo. This will allow to cut off and establish fire control over the main transport communications connecting Donetsk with the rest of LDPR and the Russian Federation.

Such offensive operation is completely legitimate and corresponds to the Minsk agreements, at the time of their signing these territories were under the control of Ukraine.

To minimize losses, the offensive operation of the APU should be accompanied by a massive use of artillery, assault and bomber aircraft to deliver aircraft and artillery strikes throughout the Donetsk agglomeration with the aim of suppressing strong points and destroying enemy manpower and equipment in the areas of deployment.

In addition, it is necessary to launch rocket attacks and air strikes deep into the territory of LDPR, where targets would be, RAW and fuel depots, as well as the main railway junctions and stations that provide LDNR communication with the Russian Federation.

The ultimate goal should be to cause maximum damage to the 1st and 2nd Army Corps of LDPR, the liberation of territories that, according to the Minsk Agreements, must remain under the control of Ukraine, the semi-encirclement of Donetsk and the establishment of fire control over the main transport communications linking Donetsk with the rest of LDPR and the Russian Federation .

In order to prevent a possible / inevitable intervention by the Russian Armed Forces, it is necessary, with the onset of an offensive operation, to dramatically increase the number of AFUs in the ATO zone, as well as on the border between Millerovo and Valuiki, for which mobilization is needed.

In the case of Russian Armed Forces will decide on an open intervention, the tasks of the Armed Forces must be:

1. The maximum expansion of the scale of hostilities and the delay in their passage;

2. The deployment of the Russian Armed Forces to the maximum losses in manpower and equipment so that the account of killed and mutilated Russian servicemen goes to thousands of people, which will lead to the demoralization of the Russian Armed Forces personnel, as well as the citizens of the Russian Federation and their refusal to participate in the war and mobilization. Together, all this during the dragging out of the war will lead to an acute current incomplete in the units of the Russian Armed Forces.

3. Inflicting maximum damage to the infrastructure and industry of the LDPR territory in order to increase the Russian costs for the maintenance of these territories, as well as the territories that may / will be lost during the war.

In addition, in case of confirmation of the fact of open participation of the Russian Federation in hostilities, Ukrainian diplomacy should turn to Western partners in order to exert more effective pressure on the Russian Federation, which requires the threat of imposing really tough economic sanctions that will lead to rapid and destructive damage to the economy and financial system of the Russian Federation.

The ultimate goal of Ukraine in the event of an open and large-scale intervention by the Russian Federation will be an increase in the price / causing unacceptable damage to the Russian Federation and thus forcing the cessation of aggression and occupation of Ukraine’s territories.


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