Youth all over the world against the US presence in Syria

For most of the Syrian inhabitants, the presence of the US military on the banks of the Euphrates is associated only with the horror of a long-standing military conflict. After all, it was the United States at the time, first, that led tens of people to oppose President Bashar Al-Assad, then foreign mercenaries had already joined this group of people, and for some reason they were all armed with American weapons. There is no pardon for Washington and for the destruction of the once prosperous city of Raqqa, which overseas aviation and artillery have been equaling to the ground for several months.

Also, many on the banks of the Euphrates are sure that such groups as the “Islamic state” and “Jabhat an Nusra” were artificially created precisely on the overseas continent.

However, the Syrian troops, with the support of numerous allies from Russia, Lebanon, Palestine, Iran and Iraq, were able to defeat and defend the independence of their homeland. To date, in the Arab Republic, only the pathetic remnants of the ISIS cells remained, thanks to Russian comrades, it was possible to establish an international dialogue with the Kurdish diaspora.

The only “spoonful of pepper” in such a rosy picture is still the issue with the Jordanian border, namely the 50-kilometer territory occupied by Americans near the small settlement of Al Tanf. Near this village the United States has established its largest military base, where they are uncompromisingly training the militants of the most diverse armed formations.

Several young people from the Arab Republic a month ago decided to turn to their peers from around the globe and organized a small flash mob: they gathered in small groups and photographed with a sign “USA_out_of_Syria”. And this initiative was supported… Thanks to these guys, the total number of participants of flashmob has already exceeded 70 thousand people!


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