Serbia is preparing measures in case Skopje supports Pristina in international institutions, writes today Belgrade based daily Vecernje Novosti, as well as that there is the possibility of changing the decision on recognizing the name of the neighbouring state if its Prime Minister Zoran Zaev fulfils “threats” on voting for Kosovo’s membership in UNESCO. 

According to the information provided by this daily, Belgrade will closely follow ”Macedonia’s moves” and their pleading on Pristina’s admission to international organizations, and how the Skopje sets towards the national interests of Serbia, so will Serbia according to theirs. 

Authorities in Pristina will have the opportunity to broach the question of membership in UNESCO in two years. 

However, the principle of reciprocity in diplomatic and political relations with Skopje, Belgrade could activate already in 2018, as Pristina announced that they would then try again to open the door of INTERPOL, writes the daily.

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