The Ukrainian leadership, which claims that Russian trains run bypassing the country will not bring any losses, simply tries to make a good face in a bad game. This opinion was shared by the director of the Center for Political Information Alexei Mukhin.

The expert noted that for Ukraine it is about the loss of hundreds of millions of dollars in transit revenue. Talking about the absence of losses in such a situation is at least strange, and this bravado, which has become an element of Kiev’s systemic confrontational policy, will ultimately come out sideways to the country’s leadership.

“Ukraine has lost several hundred million dollars, which it had from transit. In this regard, I believe that the statements of Ukrainian officials that it (Ukraine) have lost nothing is a good face in case of a bad game. Now Ukraine is a victim of the policy pursued by the past few years. Confrontational policies, frankly. This is reflected, of course, on the economy, this affects the mood of the population. And, in the end, will come out sideways to the Ukrainian leadership. And we have developed the transport infrastructure, from the railway to the Crimean bridge,” Mukhin said.

Earlier it became known that all Russian long distance passenger trains since Monday, December 11, completely switch to traffic on the new railway line Zhuravka – Millerovo, bypassing Ukraine. It is about 120 passenger and 30 freight flights daily.

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