Trump’s protege Roy Moore has lost to the former prosecutor Doug Jones the election in Alabama.

Trump, in the fall, promoted Moore’s candidacy through the opposing party establishment, but in the end everything ended in a political catastrophe. Moore was accused of sexual harassment and he suddenly lost the election, although it was expected that the Republicans would retain Alabama, in which the Democrats did not win for a quarter of a century.

These elections have far-reaching consequences. Now in the Senate, Republicans have 52 senators, Democrats have 48. After Alabama, the balance changed to 51-49. And next year, against the backdrop of disappointment in Trump’s policy, the Democrats will try to change this alignment by 50-50 or 49-51, which will deprive the Republicans of the majority in the Senate and completely paralyze Trump’s activities, which will be bound by the need to justify their decisions not only over their own party elite, but also before the democratic majority. As a result, elections in Alabama can pave the way for the scenario, with an even less independent Trump.

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