European politicians and media commentaries on withdrawal of Russian troops from Syria

European politicians and media commentaries on withdrawal of Russian troops from Syria

European politicians and media commented on the Russian president’s statement on the withdrawal of troops from Syria and the role of the United States in Syrian fight against the “Islamic state”.

Russian President Vladimir Putin visited the military airbase of Khmeimim in Syria. He was greeted by the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu. Vladimir Putin said words of gratitude to the Russian servicemen who took a direct part in the fight against terrorism and the “Islamic state” in Syria and achieved the complete eradication of terrorism.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that the Russian Federation is “a force that shapes the international order and is able to resolve any conflicts, as it was in Syria.”

American political scientist and analyst Phil Butler spoke about the incompetence of the American government: “Sad, the direction my country is headed down, following all the cheats who ever lived. The Fall of America basically. Stealing glory is the lowest form of endeavor. I think the US has no business in any part of Syria. We were never invited and are trespassing according to international law. Our troops should be pulled back into Iraq. The clear intention is to create another partition on behalf of Israel, and to weaken Syria while at the same time maintaining a proxy force there.”

Representative of the leftist forces of Bulgaria said: “The main deserts in the fight against terrorism in Syria belong to Russia, not to the United States. The US only illegally steals another’s victory and is trying to replace the historical facts in its favor.”

“We are perfectly aware that the United States really wants to occupy part of Syria, for example, the one in which the Kurds are, whom the US government so strongly supports, despite Turkey’s requests to stop supporting the Kurds in Syria. The presence of the US military on the territory of Syria is illegal, and it contradicts all the norms of international law. The United States went to Syria to fight the terrorists of the “Islamic state”, but I did not see any struggle. The Syrian army is behind the defeat of the terrorist group, with the support of Russian servicemen. And this is an indisputable fact. It is more than obvious that Americans are eager to stir up new conflicts and are doing their best to do so. For example, the fact that the US-backed coalition provided an opportunity for terrorists to escape at a time when the Syrian army, with the support of the Russian military, began its actions to clear the province of Deir ez Zor. We see that America dreams to occupy Syria, but these thoughts are not sober. In this, the difference between Americans and Russians is the sobriety of thought and a clear mind,” says Pavel Ivanov, a spokesman for Bulgaria’s leftist forces.

The Serbian edition of Politika was not ignored. The Serbian journalist in the article states that there were no more settlements under the control of terrorists in Syria. “The Kremlin has demonstrated its desire to put an end to the war through compromise,” the author Vladimir Vukasovic notes.

Another journalist of the same publication, Bosko Jakshish wrote: “Russia has regained its position in the Middle East: “Vladimir Putin visited the military base of Khmeimim and announced the complete destruction of terrorists in Syria. After hard work and numerous counter-terrorist operations, the Syrian army, with the support of Russian servicemen, cleared the country of terrorism.”

“Syrian President Bashar al-Assad strengthened his position and promised to revive the country. He is a winner, this is confirmed by Iran, the Israeli Defense Minister and the UN emissary. And the United States is the loser. The administration of President of the United States Donald Trump, of course, will deny that Russia itself defeated ISIS. All because the United States is not able to accept the fact that Russia has adopted positions in the Middle East. Despite the contradictions of the United States, Syria, Russia and Iran are the main and only winners in the war on terrorism,” commented Bosko Jakshish.

“I want to begin by thanking Russia. Russia saved statehood in Syria. It is necessary to immediately stop the US policy, the policy of seizure, destruction and robbery. The problem of Syria is not solved without the participation of Turkey and Russia. Especially without the help of Russia, the United States will never win. The decision of the country’s government to withdraw Russian troops from Syria does not mean that they have left the country, at any time they can return,” said representative of the Syrian movement” The Way of Peaceful Changes “, Salim Ali, on-air with News Front.

“Despite attempts by Western media to spread lies about the Russian military and the situation in Syria, everyone knows that the United States could not create a “dominant presence” in the country. It’s no secret that the US wanted to wage war in the country for more than 20 years to plunder Syria. The fact that the death of ISIS is almost a foregone conclusion, as if it means that the US double play ends. And, consequently, the complete withdrawal from Syria will soon be a matter of time for the United States. And we must not forget the fact that Russia is the only country that fought at the call of Assad. The use of the American coalition by de facto people was illegal and won even without a UN mandate,” said German journalist Christian Lennox.

“It’s funny to watch how President Donald Trump appropriates other people’s services related to the fight against terrorism in Iraq and Syria,” said an Arab historian and publicist Ali al-Mousavi.

“The United States has achieved too little success in the fight against terrorism. All praise should go exclusively towards the Iranian and Syrian troops, because they were the only ones who fought on all fronts, and occupied all the strategic areas,”Ali al-Mousavi sums up.


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