The undermining of the Polish tourist bus in Lviv on the night of December 9 added fuel to the fire of the growing hostility between the Poles and Ukrainians. On the web, users from Poland found the incident a provocation and a terrorist attack, and began to urge on closing the border with Ukraine, “expelling Ukrainian diplomats from their territory”.

At the same time Poles sarcastically reacted to the Ukrainian version of the “Kremlin intrigues” in Lviv.

Recall, the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Pavel Klimkin, saw in the blast an attempt to quarrel Ukraine with Poland and disrupt the visit of Polish leader Andrzej Duda on December 13.

The ultra-right party “Kukiz-15”, the second-largest political group in the Sejm after the ruling “Right and Justice” party, initiates to build a wall on the border with Ukraine. Thus, its representatives want to protect Poland from the “influx of illegal immigrants.”

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