The Israeli prime minister has arrived in the European Union for an official visit, the first by an Israeli top-level representative in the last 22 years.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was greeted by EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini during his first visit to the EU.

Mogherini has addressed the Jerusalem issue recently escalated after the US move on it, saying that the union would continue to recognize the “international consensus” on Jerusalem. 

The Israels’ top official, in his turn, has commented on the issue by saying that it is time for the Palestinian side to recognize the Jewish state and Jerusalem as its capital, adding that the Donald Trump’s decision had only recognized the evident fact and had laid the foundation for peace, which now had become possible.

“I think what President Trump has done is put facts squarely on the table. Peace is based on reality. Peace is based on recognizing reality and I think the fact that Jerusalem is Israel’s capital is clearly evident,” Netanyahu said in the Belgian capital of Brussels during a press briefing.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has stated that he expected most EU countries to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, following the US recent move on the issue.

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