Holland slides into the Middle Ages. Close to the government of the Netherlands media are trying to eradicate any doubts in the official conclusions of the International Investigation Group on the Boeing MH17 flight’s disaster near Donetsk. Even parliamentarians are exposed to obstruction from parties that are part of the ruling coalition.

Thus, the largest Dutch evening newspaper “NRC Handelsblad” attacked the deputy of the second house of the Dutch parliament from the party “Christian Democrat Appeal” O. Omtsigt. During one of the discussion evenings at the University of Amsterdam, he allegedly gave the word “false witness”, who dared to question the official version of the MH17 tragedy.

A Ukrainian witness from the Donbass, who arrived in the Netherlands to testify in the case of MH17, said that before the crash he saw with his own eyes how another aircraft flew to the passenger airliner. Through an interpreter, he asked where he could pass this information, to which he received an “exhaustive answer” from one of the participants in the dispute, journalist I. Akkermans: “To the Vladimir Putin’s disinformation department”.

It is noteworthy that this story, which has long been known to all interested in the subject of MH17, hit the pages of the newspaper close to the Dutch government right now. The fact is that MP Omtzigt is a bright representative of a small number of parliamentarians who constantly ask uncomfortable questions to the investigation: why were not corridors closed for civil flights over the zone of armed conflict? Where did the data of the observations of the Ukrainian radar stations go? On what grounds does the Dutch Ministry of Justice refuse to declassify documents on the “MH17 case”?

It’s one thing – when tricky questions emanate from a representative of an insignificantly oppositional party that does not play a special role in Dutch domestic and foreign policy. Such was the CDU during the time of the former Cabinet of M. Rutte. But the situation has changed – after the last elections the party entered the government and received key posts of the ministers of security and justice, defense, finance.

It is noteworthy that P. Omtzigt is not suitable for the role of “agent of Putin”. He can not be accused of sympathizing with Russia, in particular, he became famous as one of Putin’s most vocal critics, led the anti-Russian campaign “in the Magnitsky case”, was one of the supporters of imposing sanctions against Russia.

So much the worse for the Netherlands. Since even Omtsigt doubts the conclusions of the investigation, it means that the matter is really unclean, which means that it is necessary to shut up his mouth as soon as possible – who knows what other tricky questions on his part can be expected on the eve of the trial?

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