Ukraine’s law enforcement agents are preparing a special operation to detain ex-Governor of the Odessa Region and leader of the opposition’s New Forces Movement Mikhail Saakashvili.

“A special operation is in the works. More forces and means will be deployed than on Tuesday during the attempt to detain Saakashvili in his flat in Kiev,” the source said.

The source said he does not know when the operation will be carried out. “I think, this will be in the near future as Saakashvili has been put on the wanted list and police will be let off the leash,” he stressed.

On Tuesday, Ukraine’s Prosecutor-General Yuri Lutsenko gave Saakashvili an ultimatum emphasizing that he had 24 hours to appear before law enforcement agents, or otherwise he would be forcibly detained.

On Wednesday morning, police tried to take Saakashvili into custody at the tent camp, but his supporters put up fierce resistance to the officers.

Ukraine’s prosecutors have launched a criminal investigation against the former Georgian leader into the attempted crime, committing a crime with a group of individuals and complicity with criminal organizations and covering their criminal activity.

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