Saakashvili supporters block roads, build barricades in Kiev, preventing his removal by police

Around 200 supporters of detained ex-Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili are blocking roads and erecting barricades in the heart of the Ukrainian capital. Police used tear gas against the protesters, who are impeding the vehicle taking him for questioning.

Ukrainian security forces used tear gas against protesters demanding the release of the former president of Georgia, who was detained earlier on Tuesday.  

Several people were injured in clashes between the protesters and security forces, according to local media. More than 200 Saakashvili supporters flooded the streets near his apartment in Kiev, blocking the car transporting him to a detention facility. The detainee is still inside the police car.

People are erecting barricades from tires, bins and sticks to block the vehicle, according to local media. A woman was detained for smashing the front window of a police car.

Police are pushing crowds and removing people from the roof of the vehicle in an attempt to clear the way for a police car. Meanwhile, protesters are trying to break through the police cordon.

On Tuesday, the former president of Georgia and ex-governor of Ukraine’s Odessa Region confined himself to the roof of his house in Kiev, while security forces searched his flat. Saakashvili was subsequently detained and is to be questioned on suspicion of assisting criminals and concealing their criminal activities.