Pentagon spokesman Eric Pahon said Russia’s “frivolous approach” in defeating terrorist groups in Syria and in the absence of obligations. The same thing, he said, was done by the official Syrian authorities – that is, the government of President Bashar Assad.

According to him, the coalition with the participation of Russia carried out only a small part of the military operation, while most of the Syrian territory was liberated thanks to the actions of the forces of the global coalition led by the United States.

Pahon reaffirmed that they are not going to leave Syria, where the US military came without the sanction of the UN Security Council, the operation will continue “in support of local forces.” This is necessary to “stabilize the situation” in the territories liberated from terrorists.

The US Department of Defense is not the first time nervous because of the success of the alliance of Russia, Syria and Iran in the fight against the terrorist organization “Islamic State”. So, on October 6, 2017, the same representative of the Pentagon said that Moscow and Damascus should not be distracted from the fight against terrorists and pay attention to the US military base Al-Tanf in southern Syria (near the Jordanian border).

Also, Pahon said that the alliance will not be able to defeat the ISIS terrorists completely: it allegedly is not strong enough, because the terrorists appeared partly as a result of the “repressive measures” of the Syrian “regime” (that is, the Bashar Assad’s government) and further terrorist diversions are unavoidable.

Thus, it is not just that Russia did nothing in Syria in comparison with the American coalition, but also about the fact that Assad created terrorists. It is also important to note that the Pentagon has declared unavoidable diversions – and they are indeed inevitable if Washington does not stop supporting both the Syrian opposition and terrorist groups. The difficulty is that they are virtually impossible to divide, especially since the US has not agreed to do so.

It turns out that the US simply cover the bases of terrorists, as previously reported by the Russian Defense Ministry. In particular, we are talking about the fact that, according to the Russian military department, from the territory adjacent to the Al-Tanf base, IS fighters are constantly attacking Syrian government forces.

The Pentagon not only makes rash statements, but also unwittingly reveals the criminal intentions of the American leadership to further support of terrorism. Speaking on the situation in Syria on October 6, Pahon reiterated that the legitimate Syrian government, with the support of Russia, had allegedly failed to demonstrate “long-term success in the withdrawal of a large area from the control of ISIS and the creation there of the conditions necessary to prevent the return of terrorists.”

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