A Russian citizen has been arrested in absentia by court for taking part in the activity of the Right Sector extremist organization outlawed in Russia, Investigative Committee Spokeswoman Svetlana Petrenko said on Monday.

According to investigators, Alexander Valov, who backs radical views as well as fascism and nationalism ideas, fled to Ukraine in 2014 and joined the Right Sector group. Valov systematically took part in the group’s activity and was involved in its propaganda by posting videos in the Internet.

“The investigators also have data that currently Valov is taking part in combat actions in Ukraine’s southeast as part of the Azov battalion for monetary reward,” Petrenko said, adding that he is also accused of being a mercenary.

The Russian investigators continue efforts to bring to justice the participants of the Right Sector group regardless of their citizenship.

Russia’s Supreme Court declared Right Sector as an extremist group in November 2014, banning its activity in Russia.

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