Yemen Gulf of Aden Ports Corporation accused a United Nations agency of spreading false information about the capacity of Aden Port, demanding it to update and adjust its information about Aden Port so that the reader, decision-maker, and media would know the truth away from deceit.

The corporation expressed surprise, in its letter to various UN agencies, towards the fact that the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) published a report that isn’t based on true information.

OCHA’s report also tried to exaggerate the required aid needs to justify that Aden Port is unable to fulfill the aid needs and receive Yemen commercial imports. The report also tried to say that there are challenges that would hinder the arrival of packages from Port of Salalah or Port of Jizan through land facilities.

All this was only to conclude that the shutdown of Hodeidah Port and Saleef Port will subject Yemen to starvation.

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