In recent days, several very significant and, at the same time, disturbing news came from the USA. Disturbing because when one of the leading countries of the world, packed with nuclear weapons, can cease to exist and slide down to civil war, no one can guarantee the security of US nuclear arsenals to world terrorists.

The first news concerns Trump’s decision to send his family to New York. As insiders say, Trump’s decision is due to the fact that he does not trust his guard after one of the incidents that occurred last week in the White House. Therefore, under the playful pretext that the presence of daughters at official events distracts them all the attention of the press, Trump sent the family to New York under the protection of their own security services.

The second news concerns the confrontation between the Pentagon and the CIA. First there was information that “according to people living near Langley, a large contingent of marines arrived on Saturday at the CIA headquarters on the landing assault vessel (helicopter)” Bell V-22 Osprey “. The Marines were armed and quickly moved to the CIA headquarters. “

However, a milder version of what happened appeared a few days later: “Yes, a group of military aircraft approached and flew around the CIA headquarters in Virginia for 30 minutes on Saturday. They did NOT land and did NOT enter the CIA headquarters forcibly – or otherwise. Apparently, there is a constant and gigantic problem between the military and the CIA, as the military are engaged in the implementation of President Trump’s policy, while elements inside the CIA still EXERCISLY fulfill the failed policy of the Obama regime. So someone in the Pentagon (no one will say who exactly) on Saturday made a direct demonstration of power for the CIA. Due to the lack of a better description, a message was sent from the military to the CIA: kick them.”

Thus, in this case too, when it is not a matter of using force, but only of demonstrating it, we see how close the US approached the threshold of the Civil War: the split between Republicans and Democrats, the split between the US backgammon and the “deep state” is too serious, so that it could end in a peaceful outcome. Confrontation of law enforcement agencies in the US – ceases to be a secret of a multinational and from this one must draw the most stringent conclusions and put before ones those issues that yesterday seemed absurd. Would Russia be ready to help Trump if he asked for military and other help in the course of suppressing the anti-government plot? Will Trump retain the entire territory of the United States or will it be an American analog of the Donbass?

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