Tokyo, Seoul reportedly alarmed by radio signals from N Korea

Japan and South Korea have reportedly detected radio info which might indicate that Pyongyang is getting ready for a new missile test; the data, however, has not been confirmed by any satellite images. It might also suggest that North Korea, which has not conducted any tests for 70 days, is simply getting ready for its winter military training.

The Japanese leadership has been operationally ready since it detected radio signals which suggest new North Korean military activity, the country’s Kyodo News Agency reported on Monday, citing government sources.

“North Korea might launch a missile within the next few days,” one of the sources told the agency.

The sources, however, admitted that the suggestions have not been verified by any satellite imagery, which has not registered any signs of a missile or a movable launch pad. The signals therefore may only be related to winter training for the North Korean military, the sources assumed.

Meanwhile, Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga refused to comment on the reports.

“Regarding North Korea, the government is constantly monitoring the situation and collecting information. As for the details of this information, I would like to refrain from commenting on this,” he told reporters on Tuesday.

The official assured that the country’s government “will continue to work closely with the United States and South Korea to increase pressure on North Korea to the highest level, and will continue to collect the information and carry out monitoring.”


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