Serbian FM on Kosovo: Nervous, because it went not as they were promised and paid

Foreign Minister late on Thursday assessed that Kosovo Foreign Minister Behgjet Pacolli was acting “a little nervous.”

The reason, Dacic said, was that not everything was going according to plan for Pristina.

“I get him – it’s not really going as they have planned, as they have been promised, and as they have paid for. That’s why they’re saying stupidities and lies – that I said I would ‘destroy the recognition of Kosovo’, that the whole world is against Serbia and that we are destructive,” Dacic told Tanjug, reacting to Pacolli’s message posted on Facebook.

In it, Pacolli wrote that Dacic’s announcements of more revocations of recognitions of Kosovo represented “a quixotic effort”; that “the whole world is against Serbia”; and finally, to Dacic, he said: “You are so small, Ivica Dacic.”

“I am small to destroy the recognition of Kosovo, but I’m big enough not to be scared by you. I will continue to work for my country and my people, not against you,” was Dacic’s reply.

“If I’m so small, you, big Pacolli – how come you didn’t manage to join UNESCO or Interpol, how come Suriname an Guinea-Bissau have annulled their recognitions? The angrier you get, big Pacolli, the more satisfied I am,” the minister concluded.