The Balkans are an “aircraft carrier for the invasion of radical Islam in the heart of Europe.”

Radical Islamist organizations plan to Islamize the Balkans until 2020, which will serve them as an “aircraft carrier” to open wide the door for the spread of Islam in Europe. This was repeatedly warned by the former scout and security expert from Skopje Ivan Babanovsky.
The scout emphasizes that at the level of the radical Islamic International plans are already being implemented, one under the name “Balkans 2020”, and another simply “3000”.

The plan “Balkans 2020” envisages, with the help of non-governmental and humanitarian organizations, and certain political structures of the Muslim and Albanian ethnic structures, to cover and fully Islamize the Balkans until 2020, so that they serve as “aircraft carriers for the invasion of Islam in Europe.”

And no matter how ambitious this plan sounds, it is already in effect for several years.

According to him, Sarajevo is one of such centers, and the other is Skopje, because Macedonia is considered politically and economically unstable, as well as in the military plan, and from the security point of view. For these reasons, the material, financial and human resources of radical Islamic organizations are directed to these areas.

The Balkans today are the focal key zone where the clash of civilizations is planned, and complex international relations, and the crisis of European society as well as the “new values” – favorable conditions for the implementation of the Islamization plan as a political tool for gaining influence. A completely new tool.

The reliance is made on propaganda, with what, very thoughtful and constant. Especially in the areas of the mixed population, where Muslims predominate.

Of course Turkey plays an important role, since its way to Europe opens precisely through the Balkans, and it is precisely the Muslim minorities, especially Turkish origin, who are the subjects of powerful propaganda, to spread the necessary moods in the region through which Turkey strengthens its influence there and consolidates itself gradually.

Confrontation of dangerous processes is possible only through the formation in the plan of traditional values of Orthodoxy and the strengthening of cultural ties between the Balkan countries, as well as the strengthening of the importance of the Orthodox Church in the life of society.

Political crises and Western influences have played their role in weakening vigilance, among the population in the Balkans, which now needs to be rebuilt.

The fact is that powerful funding by non-governmental organizations and foundations continues, and it is difficult to stop, and the work of such “think tanks” in the Balkans poses a threat from the spread of both radical ideas and terrorist cells in the region.

Another additional threat is the very pro-European pressure on the Balkan countries, which needs not a European pointer, but just the opposite – the conduct of an independent and independent policy, the strengthening of security along the borders.

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