On Tuesday it was announced that Robert Mugabe had immediately resigned, ending his 37-year rule of Zimbabwe.

According to Reuters citing sources close to the negotiations, former Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe has been granted immunity from prosecution as part of his resignation deal.

In addition, Mugabe’s safety will reportedly be protected in Zimbabwe following Tuesday’s announcement made by Jacob Mudenda, speaker of Zimbabwe’s parliament, who read out Mugabe’s letter declaring his immediate resignation, thus, ending his 37-year rule over the African nation.

According to the letter which was released in the wake of an impeachment process triggered by Zimbabwe’s ruling party after the former president ignored the Monday deadline to resign, Mugabe reportedly decided to step down to allow for the smooth transition of power in the country.

Former Zimbabwean Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa, who is set to replace Mugabe as the country’s leader after being nominated by the ruling party as a presidential candidate, earlier arrived in Zimbabwe, with his swearing-in ceremony scheduled to take place on Friday, November 24.

The political crisis in Zimbabwe erupted after Mugabe dismissed then-vice president Mnangagwa in early November, who has long been thought by many to become Mugabe’s successor and enjoyed the support of the country’s army, prompting the army to deploy troops in Harare and confine Mugabe to his house.

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