Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic warned the Ukrainian Ambassador to Belgrade Alexander Oleksandrovych that he should “think carefully” before making statements, recalled that he is not supposed to evaluate Serbia’s foreign policy. The Foreign Minister said he would not accept the Kiev diplomat if he “will continue to behave this way”.

The Ukrainian ambassador, having returned from consultations in Kiev, said that he has been waiting to meet Dacic for 14 months.

“Ambassador of Serbia in Ukraine Rade Bulatovic 48 months waits for a meeting with Minister Klimkin. As they act with Bulatovic, I will do the same. And also because he acts undiplomatically against the Vienna Convention,” Dacic commented and added that he will discuss the problem with Klimkin at the OSCE meeting in a few weeks.

He also recalled a number of anti-Serb steps taken by Ukraine in recent times. In particular, its delegates left the hall when voting on the membership of Kosovo in UNESCO, and at the United Nations Ukraine supported the proposal on the format of the meeting on the question of Kosovo and Metohija.

According to Oleksandrovych, Serbian-Ukrainian relations were in order, and then Serbia “voted against Ukraine” in the UN Security Council on a resolution on “human rights violations” in the Crimea.

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