A political standoff in Zimbabwe, where the country’s 93-year-old leader was dismissed last week, shows no signs of abating.

On Tuesday, the ruling Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic Front (ZANU PF) is due to start impeachment proceedings against the country’s embattled President Robert Mugabe, according to media reports.

The impeachment move comes after 230 members of the ZANU PF party endorsed the decision following the expiration of a deadline for Mugabe to step down.

On Sunday, ZANU PF’s central committee suspended 93-year-old Mugabe from the post of first secretary of the party, while also urging him to resign from the post of President by noon on Monday.

In his address to the nation later that day, Mugabe, however, refused to stand down and pledged to stay on as President.

Last week, the country’s military took control of the television center in the capital of Zimbabwe as well as the president’s residence.

In a telephone conversation with his counterpart from South Africa Jacob Zuma, Mugabe confirmed that the military are keeping him under house arrest.

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