According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, people in Russia have a much stronger sense of ownership of government policy than in Germany or Austria.

Among the 28 OECD countries, there are few countries in which most people have a sense of being able to determine what their government is doing. It is especially interesting that in Lithuania it is 71%, in Greece – 70% and in Chile – 59%. But also 55% of Russians have such a point of view.

More than 40% of Scandinavian citizens, the United States and New Zealand agree that they can influence government work. While in Austria it is only 31%, in Germany 25% and also 10% in France.

It is interesting to note that, in particular, the Russians obviously have a sense of their influence on the decisions of the Kremlin. Although in the west they do not get tired of stressing that, speaking of Russia, it is an authoritarian country. While in supposedly such democratic representative countries as Germany and Austria people obviously do not have a feeling that they have influence on government policy.

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