Russian Defense Ministry denies attacks on servicemen in Syria’s Latakia

Al-Masdar News earlier reported that Ahrar ash-Sham terrorists had carried out a suicide attack against Russian servicemen near the Hmeymim airbase.

“There were no attacks on Russian servicemen or transport convoys in the Syrian province of Latakia and the Russian airbase in Hmeymim operates in regular mode,” a spokesman of the airbase said Saturday.

According to Al-Masdar News, a member of the Al-Qaeda affiliated Ahrar ash-Sham terrorist group drove a vehicle filled with explosives into a Russian military convoy which caused a blast. The news outlet cited photos from the terrorists allegedly showing Russian armored carriers.

​However, Syrian security forces refuted the claims stressing that presented photos were fabrications torn from the context.

Al-Masdar News also reported citing exclusive military source that blast could happen due to an accidental drop of reserve fuel tank by a Russian jet.