Russia’s President Vladimir Putin says it is most important to make in Syria conditions for a political settlement, as the combat work on destroying terrorists there is finishing.

“Nowadays, it is evident that the combat work on destroying the hotbed of terrorism in Syria is finishing,” he told reporters after the APEC summit.

“It is most important now to finalize this work and to fix agreements on the de-escalation zones, to fix ceasefire, to organize conditions for beginning of a political process,” he said.

The Russian president said “at this is also aimed the joint Russian-American statement.”

“I believe, it would be a major factor in work on settlement of the Syrian problem,” he added.

Earlier on Saturday, Putin and the U.S. President Donald Trump during the APEC summit agreed a joint statement on settlement in Syria.

Putin considers his joint statement with the U.S. President Donald Trump on Syria extremely important for the U.S., Russia and other countries.

“I consider it [the statement] important, as it stresses certain absolutely primary things. Frist of all – continuing fight against terrorism, it is extremely important both for the United States, specifically after the recent tragic events, which happened there, and which were connected with terrorist attacks,” he told a news conference after the APEC summit. “It is equally important for us [Russia], for the country, which has been facing this problem for quite a time, it is also important for the entire international community.”

“Fighting terrorism will continue, and, most importantly, – jointly,” he said.

“As for Syria, I consider it most important that we have confirmed its territorial integrity and sovereignty,” Putin continued. “We have agreed after end of fighting the terror, after the terrorist threat is stopped there we shall move to a political settlement under the auspices of the United Nations Organization.”

Earlier on Saturday, Putin and Trump agreed a joint statement on the Syrian settlement.

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