News Front prepares complaint to Roscomnadzor for YouTube actions

Information agency News Front, following Federal News Agency, complains about blocking threats from Google services.

“On November 1, Google’s YouTube video hosting service without further explanation, informed us of the intention to unilaterally terminate work of our channel in seven days and remove all content for six violations of community norms that allegedly happened in one night. The video hosting administration didn’t respond on our requests, we do not have the right to appeal,” agency’s CEO, Konstantin Knyrik, told Interfax.

News Front agency covers the Donbass conflict for several years.

Mr Knyrik explained that the administration of video hosting requires News Front to eliminate the detected violations without specifying what is being said. According to him, video hosting has already restricted the agency in the administrator’s rights to the channel.

“It is forbidden to upload new videos to the channel, while the administration of video hosting threatens to delete all the content this week,” he said.

News Front intends to apply to the regulator with a complaint about the actions of the video hosting administration.

“We are considering these actions as links of one chain with the blocking of the news stream of the Federal News Agency, as well as unfriendly actions of Google and Twitter services against Russian media. The attempt to block our channel can be connected not only with the active coverage of the situation in the Donbass, but cause of an interview with Natalia Veselnitskaya. We are preparing a complaint to Roscomnadzor for YouTube actions,” Mr Knyrik said.