A defiant Kabul TV station was back on the air Tuesday moments after the end of an attack by gunmen who had stormed the broadcaster, killing at least one person and leaving two dozen wounded.

The assault on Shamshad TV by militants disguised as policemen, which was claimed by Daesh (ISIS), highlights the risks facing journalists who are increasingly targets in the war-torn country.

After about three hours of fighting Afghan special forces overpowered the attackers, who were armed with guns and grenades, and freed staff trapped inside the building.

“The attack has ended. According to the commander of the special forces all the staff who were inside the building have been rescued,” Shamshad TV announced as it went back on the air.

A Shamshad news presenter, his hands bandaged after cutting himself on glass as he fled the attackers, told viewers that 20 colleagues had been wounded. Six were in a critical condition.

“We have all come back (to work), all our journalists and colleagues are back on duty,” he said.

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