Westminster sex scandal could impact Brexit talks

British Prime Minister Theresa May is likely to cling on to her job despite growing calls for her resignation amid the deepening scandal surrounding sexual misconduct among Conservative MPs, told a leading UK academic .

As the crisis over allegations of sexual misconduct among Tory MPs threatens to implode further, the position of UK PM Theresa May is likely to “strengthen” despite renewed demands for her to quit, according to Mark Garnett, professor of British politics at Lancaster University.

In a strange twist of irony, Mrs. May would probably survive any attempts to oust her from No.10 because she is already in so much trouble, it would be hard for the Tory hierarchy to replace her, according to the academic.

“The damage arising from the scandal will be another blow to Theresa May, but at the same time underlying all this is the real reason why Mrs. May is still prime minister,” Professor Garnett told.

Professor Garnett, who authored of the book From Anger to Apathy: The British Experience, firmly believes the Conservative Party chiefs have “no appetite” for a leadership election despite a reported 30-strong group of Tory MPs backing moves to have her sacked from the job — a figure expected to grow in the coming days.


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